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How do you give away Internet freedom? President Obama is attempting to do it in one swift move.

He recently announced that he plans to move forward with relinquishing the U.S. government’s oversight over vital pieces of the Internet’s core infrastructure to the “global stakeholder community.” What is being referred to as the IANA transfer will surrender the domain name system (DNS) and root zone files to the organization ICANN and with it, America’s special role in promoting and protecting the greatest tool for individual freedom in human history would come to an end.

There’s only one problem with this plan – he can’t do it without Congressional consent. It says so in the IANA/Dept. of Commerce contracts! And we have proof>>>

These important documents that have allowed the Internet to function properly have been moderated, updated, and protected by U.S. supervision, under contract.They are government property, owned by every American citizen. The cannot be given away at the whim of the president.

But even though Obama has no authority to hand over the Internet, he’s going to try anyway. We need to do everything we can to stop him.

Please click here to share this with your friends to spread the word.

Keeping these files with the United States is vital to ensuring the Internet can be freely accessed by the world. Help us save the web.

-Team Freedom


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