Eric Witt for first selectman. Redding CT!

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Dear Redding Resident,

Charles Dicken’s began a Tale of Two Cities with the line “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” – And I think that is apropos for our tale of two cities here in Redding. On one side, we have a Redding that responded to the rush of development by establishing a planning commission, protecting our water resources and acquiring open space. Public and private efforts led the preservation of more than 1/3 of Redding as “forever green”, maintaining a country atmosphere in the midst of increasingly urban Fairfield Country.  As First Selectman, I would ensure this vision is retained and strengthened.  Our rural beauty is at the heart of what attracted many of us to Redding and is at the core of what we offer as a town.

Georgetown is another part of the Redding story.  The award winning plan for creating a village center out of the old wire mill has stalled.  In July, after failing to negotiate a path forward with owners and creditors, the town filed for foreclosure.  To bring this project to fruition – one that includes affordable housing, office and retail space, as well as facilities for arts, recreation, and open space – strong leadership and negotiation skills are needed.  I have saved companies more than $1-billion through contract negotiations and managed a country-wide transition for NATO in Afghanistan.  With degrees and experience in engineering, finance, and the law, I can turn this chapter of the Georgetown story into the “best of times”. And along the way, I would develop a plan to help revitalize our town’s existing commercial spaces in West Redding and Main Street in Georgetown, both of which currently have too many empty storefronts.

If you agree, won’t you help us spread the word by donating to Witt for Redding with a click of the convenient button below. Whether you can give $10 or the maximum allowable $1,000, you’ll be playing an important role in helping us bring a new vision of leadership for a more livable, economically viable Redding.

Thank you.

Eric Witt

B.S. United States Naval Academy; Masters, Yale University School of Management and U.S. Army War College; Doctor of Law and Policy Northeastern University; Commander (retired) United States Navy, 5 years active duty, 20+ years reserve duty; VP Strategic Consulting Tangoe, Inc.; Redding Board of Education, Chair, Long Range Planning Committee

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