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CONTACT: John Kleinhans

February 18, 2015


Chairman Labriola Responds to Governor Malloy’s Budget Address

HARTFORD— Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. released the following statement today in reaction to Governor Dan Malloy’s budget address.

“The budget unveiled by Dan Malloy today looks very familiar. It taxes too much, spends too much, and doesn’t do anything to address the excessive high cost of living and working in Connecticut. Worst of all, this budget breaks virtually all of Malloy’s campaign promises. He said he wouldn’t raise taxes, but under this budget the state will extract more sales taxes from hard working families. He said he would support job creators but he is increasing the business registration fees and extending the corporate surcharge “indefinitely”. This is a raw deal for Connecticut taxpayers.”

“Despite Connecticut’s lagging economy, the governor is also proposing to take $830 million more from the pockets of Connecticut’s families and business owners. He increases spending by three percent — in the face of a looming deficit — and proposes a large transportation initiative without offering a way to pay for it.”

“The fact is we remain a state where most residents struggle to make ends meet and chronic budget shortfalls are now the norm. Despite Dan Malloy’s spin, we will continue to sing the blue state blues until a pro-economic growth Republican legislature is elected next year.”



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