David Coleman, chief architect of CCSS will gain much financially


From my letter to the Editor of the Sun Herald in Punta Gorda

From reading today’s editorial and the remarks made at the round-table I am assuming that you do not want to buy all the new books that Common Core will commit you to, nor pay to have your teachers retrained to follow the Core, nor do all the testing (with intrusive questions) that the Core will require.  I believe, however, that Jeb Bush has committed Florida to following the Common Core.

You should be aware that David Coleman, the chief architect of the CCSS, is also the head  of Pierson, which will publish all the new books, and the writer of the test that follows the SAT.  He was neither elected, nor is he an educator.  Stop the Common Core!!!



Stop the Common Core

I have just had the following message from a very good friend in Wilton:
    “My daughter-in-law is a teacher, and she will not teach anymore after this year because of CCSS.  She cannot teach properly, and the administration listens in on her to make sure she is not teaching ‘out of the box’.  Standards have been lowered, along with the grading system.”
This has got to stop!!   Johanna J. L. Engel, Redding, CT